Site Clearance

Providing the complete range of site clearance, demolition and excavation services to the construction and utility industries.

For over 50 years, Mone Bros has been providing a range of professional site clearance and demolition services to the construction industry and utility sectors. Over the years we have recruited and trained a strong team that has developed the knowledge and experience to deliver effective demolition and site clearance services including:

Plant Hire Equipment and Excavations

Mone Bros recognise that the quality and performance of our plant and excavation equipment is key to ensuring that we complete any demolition and site clearance project on time. We invest both time and money to ensure that we have the most modern fleet of plant equipment, regularly servicing all machines to minimise the possibility of breaking down whilst on site. Where this does occur, we will respond immediately to repair the machine and restore its operation.


Mone Bros operate a fleet of Tipper Lorries that undertake a range of support functions to our site clearance, waste disposal and recycling services. These 8 wheel, 7.5–32 Tonne vehicles can carry in the region of 20 tonne loads which we try to optimise to ensure their cost effectiveness. More specifically, our Tipper Lorries can be used for a wide variety of purposes including:

Collection of Waste Materials, Delivery of Recycled Aggregates, Delivery of Recycled TYPE 1, Delivery of Sand, Topsoil & Gravels

Mone Bros also operate a fleet of Grab Lorries, whose main task is to collect and move the bulk waste, mainly top soil, brick, concrete, clay etc. from the clearance site. This waste will then be taken back to Mone Bros recycling site to be segregated, screened, crushed and where possible reused.

Muck Away

Using our fleet of modern plant equipment and vehicles, Mone Bros can remove inert muck away from site clearance and demolition projects. Inert muck away is defined as clean and uncontaminated waste which is neither chemically or biologically reactive and will not decompose. Any inert waste collected from site will be taken back to Mone Bros recycling centre to be sorted, graded and processed for re-use. Mone Bros can also remove None Hazardous Muck Away (Waste) such as Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds.

Waste Disposal and Recycling

The cost of sending waste materials to landfill continues to rise. Mone Bros can provide a comprehensive range of waste management services, designed to increase the volume of waste recycled and reused, therefore reducing our clients ‘waste disposal’ costs. These ‘waste management’ processes include: Collection, Segregation, Screening, Crushing, Recycling and Reuse.

Using our modern fleet of plant vehicles, Mone Bros can supply and deliver at your convenience a wide range of recycled materials & aggregates including: TYPE 1 Sub Base (Recycled or Stone)TopsoilRange of Gravels6F2 / 6F56N6G Gabion Stone, Building SandRiver & Concrete SandGrit Sand & Fill SandStone Crusher RunsTarmacadam Planning.