Mone Bros can offer Structural Materials for Reinstatement (SMR) and are the only SMR Recycling facility in Yorkshire. As a product, SMR has many environmental gains to the user. SMR allows people to reuse all of their waste and turn it into a product that can be used in the civil engineering and utility markets. This back-fill product is superior to other varieties.
The product has become highly popular since 2011 because of reasons that include a decrease in the numbers of landfill sites, an increase in the taxes on landfill and aggregates and the increased push by the government towards even more recycling.

SMR can be used wherever quarried aggregate is being used. A binder transforms the soil into a high performance and stabilized backfill material that has a structure that outperforms more traditional aggregates. It has been used in Trench reinstatement, sub-base construction, Embankment stabilization and much more.

SMR works in three ways:

1: It dries out and stabilises excess moisture for optimum compaction

2: It bonds soil particles increasing its density

3: It strengthens the soil by as much as 600%