Commercial Buildings

Mone Bros can supply a number of different stone, both walling and dimensional for commercial buildings and projects across the UK.


Stone for commercial buildings is available in a number of different colours, and can change appearance over time. Some of the stone used in developments include the Punched and Woodkirk stone which we can provide in specific sizes and quantities.


Some commercial Buildings which feature our range of stone include ITV Yorkshire on Kirkstall Road and Oldham Train station.
Mone Bros quarry stone at their Blackhill site and can distribute large quantities across the UK quickly via our fleet of Hino Trucks. We can cut all stone to standard block sizes with stone masters on hand to ensure quality on all stone products. Stone can also be cut to bespoke sizes for specific arrangements.


From listed buildings to new builds and developments, we can provide a commercial building stone service accommodating for all. We also stock a wide range of commercial building stone which can be used to match existing colours for extensions or renovation work.