Mullion Stone

Here at Mone Bros, we can supply and deliver a number of different sized and colour mullion stone for your housing projects. A mullion is the vertical element which forms a divide between sections of a window, door or screen. They are used primarily for support to the lintel or arch when a window is multi light and multi paned. There purpose is to carrying dead loads of structural weight above the window openings and were needed in historic buildings to support the heavy stone above. Although they provide structural support, they can also be used as a decorative feature on modern homes across the Yorkshire region.
Mone Bros supply Mullion stone across the whole of the UK to housing developers including our client Barratt Homes. Mullion Stone can be shaped in many different sizes and styles, including regular and irregular shapes, depending on the regularity of the window. They are also suitable for any type of window frame. Mullion stone can be made out of a range of different stone including Ashton Random and Woodkirk stone. For more information call Mone Bros on 0113 252 3636.