Quoins are masonry blocks that appear at the corner of a wall on commercial and domestic buildings. In more traditional buildings they are built into the building to provide much needed support but Quoins have in more modern buildings been used in a decorative form, creating a feature of a corner. This feature then creates the sense of stability and strength, showing structural presence.


Quoins are available in a number of decorative colours but the choice of colour of the Quoins is normally complementary to the brickwork or render of the building.
Mone Bros have provided Quoins for a number of housing contractors including Barratt Homes. This type of stone is mainly used on stone or brick buildings and they appear to wrap around the wall, a common trait of Anglo-Saxon buildings. Adding to this, Quoins can also provide additional weather protection.



Mone Bros are able to cut quoin shaped pieces from a wide variety of stone products and our craftsmen offer the highest quality workmanship. If you require many quoins for a building project, we can also offer delivery of these items. If you require a quoin for support or decorative purposes, please get in touch on 0113 252 3636.