Indian Circles

Indian circle stones are a popular cut of stone used in commercial and domestic paving projects across the UK. The stone is cut into specific shapes so the circle arrangement can be made. There are a number of different colour options available, including dark grey.
Mone Bros supply many local building developers with Indian circles who use them to create communal areas or features within the gardens. They are also available on the domestic market and are popular with many local families. Like the Indian Sett stone, Indian circles look great in a back garden as well as in a town or city centre.


The stone is very strong, and the design can provide a centre piece within the garden. Because of the different colours available, they can be blended together within the design to make a unique pattern. Our Indian circle stones are competitive in price and can be delivered to your door via our Hino trucks. We can also cut the specific sized stone from our Blackhill quarry and deliver a full set ready to be used on a quick time-scale.