Indian Paving

Indian Stone is extremely popular for paving projects, with an array of different type of colours and styles available. There are many different grades of Indian stone and each one weathers differently. Mixing some of these different types together can create unique designs. They can be finished in a number of different features including standard, calibrated and tumbled styles.


Many of our clients use all of these different finishes in their building projects. We provide Indian stone for building developments all over the UK as well as having a flourishing domestic market for the product.
At Mone Bros, we use only the highest quality of Indian stone. The stone’s natural properties, which include high levels of versatility, mean we are able to create a number of different complimentary products including circles, setts and stepping stones.


Indian stone is also very durable whilst also being suitable for both exterior and interior projects. This makes it one of our most popular stones. For more information on the Indian stone and how it can be used for paving projects, please chat to one of our team on 0113 252 3636.