Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone Flags & Stone

Yorkshire stone is a natural stone that has beautiful characteristics, making it superb for patios and driveways.


Reclaimed stone flags have significantly more character than fresh cut flagstones, making them a desirable stone for more traditional properties. They have a conventional charm and sit well against dark or like walling stones.


They are most commonly used by housing developers such as Barratt Homes for larger patios or driveways. This is common in new housing developments where each patio/driveway looks the same.
Mone Bros can supply a number of different sized Yorkshire Stone flags depending on the specific requirements. Our stone masons cut the stone at our Blackhill quarry in Leeds and we can deliver large quantities via our Hino delivery trucks.


All our reclaimed stone comes with a quality guaranteed and we ensure that all stones are cleaned prior to the reclaimed process. Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone flags are also a much more cost effective option than other stone flags.


For more information on how we create our reclaimed stone flags, or to discuss your specific needs, call 0113 252 3636 today.