Stone Setts

Stone Setts are one of the most versatile type of stone on the market, perfect for paving courtyards, driveways or garden patios.


There are a number of different types of stone used as stone setts, including Indian stone. They all have their own characteristics and colours and weather differently creating designs that are very unique. Stone stetts also blend in with their natural surroundings, making then perfect for traditional and modern homes.


They can withstand a lot of wear and tear and their picturesque qualities make then a feature within their own right.


Mone Bros have supplied Indian stone setts to housing developers and they are also available for the domestic market. Here at Mone Bros we can cut Stone Setts into uniform blocks in an array of sizes, meaning designs can take on the brick work effect or incorporate circles, rectangles and borders.


1. There are three types of stone sett which we cut which can create the following designs: Tumbled stone sets are uniform in width but have varying lengths, which creates a natural and traditional design.


2. New Stone Setts are made square and will create a design that is regimented, but due to colour variations each one will be unique.


3. Random Setts are a combination of long, small and square cut stone, which can then be arranged in any combination. These can be great if your driveway is not straight, or you are paving around existing features, such as an irregular shaped pond or garden feature.