What are the benefits of recycled aggregates?

Recycled aggregate comes from left over materials when some kind of building or repair work has taken place. For example it may be concrete from a building which has been knocked down or taken from a car park which has been rebuilt. Rather than this excess material being disposed of in landfill, which was previously the case in such scenarios, it is now recycled and can be used in other projects such as in base layers of roads and general construction work.

There are many benefits to using recycled aggregates. Firstly, there is the financial advantage of using this kind of material. As it is cheaper to produce and therefore purchase than others, this means that money can be saved in this area in your construction project’s budget. This allows a cheaper price to be quoted to a client or that the money can be invested in a different part of the works instead.

Recycled aggregates are also incredibly versatile which means they are suitable for a wide range of projects. As there are highly durable this makes them a good investment too.

The environmental impact associated with this kind of material is also better than with other alternatives. Essentially, aggregate is recycled material, which means that older materials are being reused and avoiding landfill and that new, natural materials are not being used to produce it.

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