Benefits of stone landscaping

This is the perfect time of year to make landscaping plans for your garden or the exterior of your property. You might be envisioning some natural stone patios or some ornamental stone structure added to your garden, whatever you are picturing, stone is a perfect material to use. It is incredibly versatile which mean it can be incorporated into pretty much any design you have in mind, not to mention it looks beautiful, it is extremely practical and is very durable too.

Here are the top reasons why should use stone to hardscape your land:

Beautiful and Strong Walls

You can use stone to border your back gardens or even accent your pond. This makes them aesthetically great but also very practical, the stone can help to prevent soil erosion and flooding in different aspects of your garden. As a result, stones can have an extremely functional purpose in your gardens, such as structure and protection

Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Fire pits are an increasingly popular feature in UK homeowner’s back gardens. People love the outdoors and spending time outside the house as opposed to inside. A new stone fireplace encourages social activity with friends and family in your garden. Mone Bros’ stone fireplaces provide a strong and sturdy structure that will not only be long-lasting but also the perfect place to have a BBQ or roast marshmallows over.

Stone walkways

Typically, gravel is the most common material used for driveways or pathways, but natural hardscaping is rising in demand. There are many benefits that can be had with using stone as opposed to gravel. One of which is aesthetics, simply put, stone looks much more elegant than gravel and creates a much more welcoming feel to your property. Secondly, stone is much easier and more comfortable under your feet and your vehicles. Whatever way you choose to use stone for your hardscaping, they certainly make for gorgeous pathways and charming walkways through your garden or grounds.

Mone Bros provide a professional landscaping service all year round for customers in Leeds and across the UK. We have the expertise and knowledge to help bring your dream to life with our versatile walling stone and paving stone services. For more information about what we can offer, call us today on 0113 2523636.

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