What are the benefits of using a mobile crushing plant?

As one of the UK’s leading professional service providers to the construction and utility industries, Mone Bros supply clients with an array of high-end equipment. One example is our range of mobile crushing plants, which have all the stone, waste and building material crushing capabilities of a standard crushing plant whilst possessing some unique qualities of their own. Here are some of the advantages of using a mobile crushing plant:

Saves on transport costs

One of the primary benefits of a mobile crushing plant is the fact that it can crush materials on site, which removes the requirement to transport materials to a crushing plant and back. Instead, the mobile crusher can transport the finished product itself or easily transfer it to a truck or container. This can represent a significant saving since transport costs are negated entirely.


Due to their impressive range of capabilities, mobile crushing plants are suitable for a number of applications. In addition to crushing, they can carry out pre-screening and fine-screening, with a level of mobility that allows a much greater degree of flexibility on site compared to a static crusher.


Mobile crushing plants represent the very best of crushing technology, and as such are highly efficient and reliable. Powerful jaw crushers and diesel motors mean that no job is too tough, and having all operations from screening to crushing available in one unit allows you to save valuable space, time and money.

Mone Bros offer a range of mobile crushing plants for hire. If you’re interested in hiring a mobile crushing plant or want to enquire about our range of products and services, we’re more than happy to help. Feel free to get in touch by calling 0113 2523636 or emailing info@monebros.co.uk.

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