The benefits of using type 1 recycled aggregates

These days most Yorkshire-based businesses are beginning to act in a more environmental manner by implementing eco-friendly systems throughout their processes. One way in which companies in the construction sector tackle the ‘green’ issue is through recycling.

Aggregate is the ‘recycled concrete’ that has many uses in this particular industry. It refers to concrete that is readily reprocessed and broken down into various grades (or types). These range from small sand and gravel-like structures to larger stone-sized pieces of aggregate.

What role the aggregate serves and what purpose it has depends on its size. Larger types of aggregate, for instance, can be used for providing a base for buildings or adding stability to drainage. Finer aggregates, conversely, are commonly used for pebble-dashing buildings or paving roads.

Here are some of the main benefits of using type 1 recycled aggregates in construction:

Cost savings

Adding aggregate to a composite material like concrete can both lower the cost and increase the variety of applications for the product.  One thing to note however is the overall strength can be weakened, so just bear that in mind with its application. Aggregate is generally recycled concrete so it inherently has lower costs and can help you go green too.


Being classed as a ‘green’ construction material, this is the main and primary benefit that many use concrete aggregate for. When unwanted concrete is recycled, you’re giving new life to the aggregate in a way that involves very little processing and leaves natural materials untouched.


The different types of aggregate supplied by Mone Bros are able to be used for a number of functions that are suitable for construction applications, landscaping projects and home improvement endeavours.

Mone Bros produce type 1 aggregate that is completely in line with strict YHAUC accreditations and is subjected to stringent weekly tests from an independent UKAS accredited company.

For more information about how recycled concrete aggregate can benefit you or your business, get in touch now by calling 0113 2523636.

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