How to choose the right paving materials

Your choice of paving materials will have a huge impact on the finished appearance of your garden, and choosing from the vast array of natural and composite paving stones available at competitive prices from Mone Bros will allow you to achieve exactly the look you are hoping for, whether you choose classic flagstones, clay pavers, or composite paving stones.

Natural stone offers the very best in quality paving stones, and does have several advantages over composite materials. Natural stone is widely available, generally hard-wearing, comes in a variety of shades and finishes, and is relatively easy to work with. Disadvantages of this premium natural product, are that cost will generally be higher than if you choose a man-made product, and as with most natural products, there will inevitably be some variation in colour, texture, and appearance. Durability depends on the type of stone chosen – granite is extremely hard, and will therefore be harder to work with, whereas slate will be easy to cut, but will tend to flake in very wet conditions, or in extremes of temperature.

For ease of installation, and a wide choice of colours and textures, clay pavers may be your ideal paving stones. These come in a range of colours, finishes, and sizes, and give a traditional look that blends in well with most environments. Consider using clay pavers as a highlight to a different material, to break up large areas, provide a focal point, or draw attention to features such as split levels.

Precast composite paving stones can be an economical choice, and may be easier to work with than natural products, as they will be more uniform. Composite paving stones are available in a wide choice of colours, textures and designs, and will be a hard-wearing choice for most locations.

Before ordering your paving stones, check that you are selecting the correct thickness for the amount of traffic you are expecting, and make sure the paving stones will be suitable for the purpose you intend. It is a good idea to request a small sample, so that you can see it in its intended location, and check that the colour will be acceptable whether wet or dry.

A full range of natural and man-made paving stones are available from the excellent selection at Mone Bros, in Yorkshire.

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