Easy ways to improve your garden

With spring almost on the horizon, now is the time that many people start thinking about their garden and how they can improve its aesthetics for the year ahead. Even without much time or money there are lots of ways to enhance its look. Here are a few of our favourite tips:

  1. Clean patio plant pots

An easy way to revive your patio is by giving the pots on it a clean. Removing dirt, cobwebs and marks that have built up will give the containers a new lease of life and provide a cheap and instant win. Just use a little bit of detergent, warm water and a cloth (or scrubbing brush for those more stubborn marks).

  1. Be ruthless with old plants

Old and tired plants are a sure way to drag the look of any garden down. Be ruthless in removing ones which are no longer healthy and past the point where they can be revived. Replacing bedraggled plants with newer, livelier ones will instantly make your garden look more attractive.

  1. Sort out soil

It is a good idea to routinely change the top couple of inches of soil in potted plants. This will not only help to remove debris such as moss and leaves but can also help to uproot weeds. A new layer of soil will look better and fresher and provide plants with vital nutrients as well. Don’t forget to remove any dead leaves or branches from plants too to prevent them dropping onto the fresh soil.

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