The importance of construction health and safety

It goes without saying that all jobs come with some degree of risk and the construction industry is no exception to that. With dangerous hazards high, it is vital that everyone at senior management level take risk management seriously and ensure that this trickle this down to employees at all levels of the business.

Hazards within the construction industry can include handling dangerous machinery, large vehicles, moving heavy loads as well as working at a height, or underground – simple jobs can cause high risk. Not only that but working on construction and excavation projects can lead to a risk of inhaling a lot of dust as well as long term hearing loss after working with loud, persistent noises for a while.

In light of that, we have boosted our health and safety policies to ensure that all of our staff are well equipped to stay safe and healthy whilst on the job (and keep the people around them safe too). Risk assessments and method statements are undertaken in all areas of our business, and we make sure that all our employees have access to our health and safety manual at all times. What’s more, they are all equipped with quality protective clothing and equipment, which they wear at all times during any Mone Bros project.

Health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and we always ensure that we follow the below process on any project, regardless of size, location or conditions:

  • Carry out a thorough risk assessment and assess all health and safety implications to our staff or a member of the general public
  • Make sure that the project is managed to the health and safety expectations that we abide by, as well as our clients and any other third parties involved
  • Ensure that every member of our team knows their responsibility and adheres to our health and safety rules

For more information on our health and safety policies, contact our Leeds team on 0113 2523636.

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