Quarries explained

Mone Bros have their own Quarry right here in Yorkshire, Blackhill specifically. Mone Bros have been quarrying at the site since 1979. There are still lots of reserves of high quality stone unmined that have lots of benefits for commercial clients.

How stone quarrying works

Quarrying involves the extracting of raw materials from the earth. We often take these materials for granted as we use them in most parts of our life. Every road bridge and building, even down to its glass is a product of quarrying. Mone Bros stone quarry supplies a variety of high quality stone and aggregate for construction purposes.

Step one – Getting the sandstone accessible to mine.

Sandstone that is mined is cemented together as a rock. Sometimes these rocks can be so big that an excavator cannot mine them. If this is the case then, commonly with mining, the large rocks have to be blown into smaller, more manageable pieces with explosives.

Step 2 – Excavate heavy equipment like excavators and front end loaders are used to scoop up sandstone that is near the wall of the quarry. Trucks then haul the sandstone from the mining pit to a crusher.

Step 3 – Crush the large sandstone once the trucks have transported the rocks from the pit they can be crushed into smaller pieces. These pieces then cab be used in a wide range of commercial purposes or manufactured in decorate products.

Mone Bros have a team of skilled craftsmen and masonry work with experience in providing you advice and services for your project.
The stone is sawn and carved right at the quarry site in Leeds. This gives a specifically required product or service direct from a natural local source in Yorkshire to the client. The stone at Blackhill quarry is some of the finest in the UK.

The stone has a range of functions and qualities, including high quality decorative beauty. This can range from fireplaces, to walls and wall sculptures and much more.
The other outcome of mining is aggregate. Mone Bros have a huge focus on producing aggregate. Who were the first organisation in Yorkshire to produce Type 1 aggregate. This, similarly to mining, was created through a complex process.
The process includes selected raw materials and crushing them down. The crushed rocks are then screened and graded to suit British standards.
This aggregate, which is a broad term for fine and graded material such as sand, gravel, stone, and recycled rock has a number of uses in construction. Mone Bros produce the highest quality fine aggregate in Yorkshire. It is often used in house foundations, road railroads on much more.

Mone Bros have nearly 40 years’ experience on their own Quarry in Leeds. For more information or any advice from their team of professional specialists, give Mone Bros a call on 0113 2523636.

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