How to take care of your garden

Taking good care of your garden need not be an onerous task if you dedicate a little time to regular tasks each week. If you have a garden and want to ensure it is looking its best this summer, we recommend the following:

  1. Ensure plants have enough water

This may sound like an obvious one (and perhaps a given in a rainy climate) but it is vital that the plant life in your garden gets enough water each week. The soil should feel moist rather than be soggy, so if it feels dry this is when it should be replenished. Generally plants need a couple of centimetres of water a week – either through rainfall or watering.

  1. Deadhead flowers regularly

Not only will removing deadheads from flowers mean your garden looks better, it will also encourage the growth of further buds, prolonging the period of time the plant is in bloom. The same approach should be applied to fruit and vegetables where regular picking can encourage further production.

  1. Remove weeds early

Weeds are bad news for your garden. As well as being a nuisance in terms of appearance, they can also use up many nutrients in the soil, affecting the growth of other surroundings plants. They often attract pests which may cause further damage too. Ideally, a check for weeds and any necessary removal should take place every week to prevent them from causing long lasting damage to your garden.

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