Why do we use aggregates in concrete?

Aggregates play a very crucial role in the process of making concrete- whether they are the manufactured, recycled or natural filler in concrete, they account for approximately 60 to 80% of its weight.

So why are aggregates so useful in concrete?

Firstly, they are extremely cost-effective, the proportion of them in concrete if the highest out of anything else and is the least expensive material used. That is because a lot of aggregates are recycled and therefore they are cheaper materials to use. Not many people know this but the cement is the most expensive component in a concrete mixture, meaning that you can easily change the final cost of the concrete by changing the ratio of the aggregate used- if you need to make your project cheaper.

What’s more, aggregates can affect the aesthetic outcome of a project, as the term is a general word for different materials such as sand, stone and gravel, all of which differ in colour, shape and texture. In some projects, exposed-aggregate concrete is used to give a different and pleasing appearance, with natural stones being perfect for such uses.

In addition to this, aggregates have been proven to offer additional volume stability to a concrete mixture that has hardened, which works in the favor of the builder as aggregates will stop the possibility of cracks.

Mone Bros are one of the leading suppliers of recycled aggregates in the North of England. Working with national companies all around the country, we have gained an unrivalled reputation within the construction industry for providing quality aggregates ideal for any concrete mixture.

If you would like to hear more about any of our aggregates please get in touch with our Leeds-based team on 01132523636.

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