Virtual reality Construction comes to your smartphone

At Mone Bros we are always interested in the latest industry developments. This month we were excited to hear about a new development which allows people working on construction sites to see a blend of digital drawings and real images on their smartphone.

The virtual reality technology, which has been launched by Danish BIM-software firm called Dalux, differs from previous software which has been used with a headset rather than a handheld device. The technology works by allowing workers to access drawings, through smart phones or tables, which are shown as augmented reality depending on the precise location. At the moment it is being utilised in a construction site of a new hospital in Viborg, Denmark. Advantages of the new system include the fact if can save time and money as well as reduce the number or paper drawings on site which can be complicated.

One of the co-founders of Dalux, Bent Dalgaard, has described how the new technology is likely to become more widespread in the sector, stating that: “The fact that the technology can be used on mobile devices makes the adoption in the construction industry much faster, since everybody has a smartphone or tablet these days.” It will be interesting to see whether any UK firms decide to utilise this new technology on their construction sites in the coming months.

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