What is a construction aggregate?

Whilst construction aggregate is well-known in the construction industry, not everyone is always familiar with what it is or why it is incredibly important in the sector. Here, we do our best to explain what it is made from and what some of its most common uses are.

What is it?

Construction aggregate is a term used to describe several coarse materials used in construction. Among the different materials that can be categorised as construction aggregate are: crushed stone, gravel, sand, slag and recycled concrete. Sometimes special lightweight aggregate materials are used in construction. In this case, these include: pumice, clay and perlite.

What is it used for?

Construction aggregate is used in concrete as well as asphalt concrete in order to increase the overall strength of the material. It can also be used as a base material where stable foundations are required as it is able to provide uniform properties. Common uses in this context are beneath roads and railway lines. Aggregate is also sometimes used in place of soil in drainage situations such as in septic drain fields, roadside edge drains and retaining wall drains.

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