Why is site clearance important

Site clearance is an essential aspect of the construction industry, all site owners and managers have a responsibility to the environment and to clean up and recycle. The rehabilitation of sites following construction or demolition can prove costly and complicated without the right experience or equipment. This is why it is a viable option to outsource the site clearance and recycling to a professional.

Whilst it is more economical for businesses to have their construction sites serviced by a professional, but there are also many other benefits too, ranging from aesthetics to environmentally friendly.

Mone Bros has been providing a range of professional site clearance services to the construction industry for over 50 years. We have the experience, skillset, and resources necessary to provide a range of high quality, efficient services for construction site owners and managers.

Mone Bros are able to offer such exceptional services firstly because of their investment in machinery and equipment. To commit to providing the best services, Mone Bros have invested both time and money into having the most modern fleet of plant equipment and machines. Haulage is a huge aspect of the clearance service and Mone Bros operate a fleet of tipper lorries which support the range of services they provide. The 8-wheel vehicles can carry up to 20-tonne loads which helps the operations to be fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Using the fleet of modern, cutting-edge vehicles, Mone Bros are also able to undertake the next stage of the clearance service, known as ‘muckin away’. This stage involves removing inert muck away from site clearance and demolition projects. Inert muck is defined as clean and uncontaminated waste which is neither chemically or biologically reactive and will not decompose. This is collected and taken offsite to Mone Bros’ very own recycling center.

Finally, the last stage of the site clearance and management service is recycling. The nation-wide costs of sending to waste to landfill is continuously rising. Mone bros provide a comprehensive waste management service that efficiently recycles the waste whilst reducing the client’s costs at the same time.

Site clearance is a much-needed service for construction site owners. Outsourcing to a reputable company like Mone Bros can have many benefits in terms of efficiency, reduced downtime, reduced costs and environmental friendliness. For more information about how a site clearance service can help you, call Mone Bros now on 0113 2523636.

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